Hello, my lovelies! Well, I’m going to start by thanking all of you who gave me feedback on my blog. I found it really insightful and it has helped clarify that I should keep doing what I’m doing and it reminded me what a great little tribe we are! I would love to be able to meet up with each one of you and enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of something delicious in real life!

The winners for the give away are Sarah and Nicole! Congratulations!

I have already been in contact and packed up your prizes. Soon they will be with the postie and making their way across the miles from my home to yours. I do hope that you enjoy creating something beautiful with your yarn.

Onto creating of a different kind…

In the Garden

A few weeks ago I took some cuttings from my hydrangea plants. I adore hydrangeas and after seeing a spectacular display at Speke Hall over the summer…

I knew that I wanted to create something as dramatic in my own garden. Hydrangea plants from the garden centre can be expensive. They are also one of the easiest shrubs to propogate so I decided that I would do so with what I already have and next year I will keep my eye out for different varieties on my walks and ask their owners if I can take cuttings.

I now have 4 new strong and healthy hydrangea plants growing on my kitchen windowsill. To propogate hydrangea simply cut a strong stem below a leaf node, remove all the leaves except the top two, cut those top two leaves in half to prevent the plant from expending energy photosynthasizing and pop into a pot of potting soil.

My top tip is to then cut a soda bottle in half, make holes in the bottom or if you are using the top just take the cap off and pop over your cutting. This prevents loss of moisture and creates a lovely protected home for your cutting while it starts to form roots.

Within a couple of weeks you should start to see new leaf growth – you will know that your plant has roots and is beginning to support itself. Remove your homemade cloch and in my case, I will leave them to overwinter on my windowsill until the last frost when they will be put outside during the day to harden off for about two weeks before being planted out in their forever homes.


Tomorrow England goes into it’s second lockdown. It’s supposed to be for 4 weeks but already there are hints that it will be longer. As I sat in church on Sunday morning I felt so sad – I was fighting back the tears. I am sad that we are being locked away again, locked away from each other and from fellowship. Then I felt angry, so angry that this horrid disease has silenced our churches. We are not allowed to sing. Now we are not allowed to meet together. All around us people are struggling. Struggling with lonliness. Struggling after having lost their jobs, worrying how they are going to feed their children or even pay their bills.

As I sat in the pew listening to the Word of God on that All Saints day for some reason into my mind popped the Eyam. Eyam is a small village in the Derbyshire Peak District not far from where we used to live in Chesterfield. We visited it a few times when we lived there. When The Plauge hit England in 1346 to 1353 (7 years!) when it reached this little village the villages decided to close themselves off – allowing no one in or out. They wanted to protect others. A lot of the villages died of the plauge, one woman burying her entire family, husband and children. She was the only survivor. Isn’t that so desperatly sad?

The faithful still met together, but out doors. Surrounding villages supported this little community by dropping off vital supplies at drop off points so that they villagers did not starve. And here we are, centuries later, remembering their pain, their sickness and their sacrifice.

We are not deserted. How blessed we are that we have such advanced medical support? We are blessed because we can still meet online, I know it’s not the same but God’s Word is not silenced. Neither is our ability to sing His praises. We may not be able to sing together but I will certainly still sing – and probably at the top of my lungs – in my home. So many of the faithfully departed have suffered so much more than we are now. I will cling to that great cloud of witnesses and live each day of lockdown with my eyes focused above. I hope you will too.

With My Needle and My Thread

For years I have been pinning all sorts of lovely things on my Pinterest Boards. Last week I realised that I do a lot of pinning but not so much creating the things that have inspired me.

I’m wanting to add to my Etsy Shop, something other than yarn, things that make for a cozy home so on Sunday I set up my sewing machine, gathered all my supplies, and started the process of creating some little garlands that will adorn my home, be gifted and a few will go into my shop.

I had the most wonderful time sewing little hearts. I still have the assembling to do but oh my goodness…they are just going to be so lovely and I can’t wait to get them finished this weekend.

Homespun Garlands in the making

My post-covid dream is to have little gatherings in my home where we can make and create such things together. Imagine a day free of stresses and full of creating something beautiful for your home! Lovely…

Anyhoo lovelies, I will love and leave you for now. I have a tonne of contract law reading to get through and truth be told I’v far rather be sewing. But needs must!

I’ll see you back here very soon! Blessings to you all.

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