Aaah, country living – I truly love it. The only downside to living on a farm is the flies! Oh-my-gosh…they are horrendous in summer. I haven’t had to live with fly problems since South Africa. But this summer, especially on hot days like we have had over the weekend, they are everywhere. They poop everywhere…little black dots all over the place. I spend my days running about with a cloth and disinfectant wiping down surfaces and cursing those little blighters.
I comfort myself in the thought that autumn officially arrives in a few weeks time and the flies will soon fade away until next summer.
Would you look at my pumpkin and marrow patch…
It is doing SO well! Neglect is working for me this summer. We have been harvesting marrows faster than we can eat them and enjoying them in stirfry’s, roasted and grated in bolognese. I want to say I will pickle some but honestly, it just does not sound appealing to me. I cannot picture myself popping open and jar of pickled courgettes and tucking in.
The pumpkin vine is out of control. There are little pumpkins everywhere. I know that I should probably take some of the fruit off but I’m seriously taking the ‘let-it-get-on-with-it’ approach this year and resisting getting overly attentive. As I mentioned before, my loving attentions on my pumpkin vines last year were disastrous. So I shall just wait and see what happens.
Look at these little fellows. Are they not just too cute? We have a new batch of babies next door, the older ones have been moved to more spacious accommodations elsewhere on the farm. This little lot is rather skittish bar one. We’ve named him Phantom as he is all black with a white mask-like Phantom of the Opera. He is so friendly and pushes others out of the way when we visit for a good dose of strokes and pats. 

In the kitchen…I think I may have started a new trend in our family. Friday night is ALWAYS burger night. I make my own burgers and chips – both are tastier and healthier. On Slimming World both are free! The only thing I would buy-in is the burger rolls. However…

DH and I were away on Friday so burger night fell to Saturday evening. We arrived home on Saturday afternoon and I realised that I hadn’t picked up any rolls so what is one to do?

Make your own of course. I threw together some dough, divided up into 4 equal balls and topped them with herbs and spices. A quick spell in the oven and burger night was well underway. 

The rolls were a hit! They were so much more flavoursome than store-bought. The only advantage to buying them in is convenience. So, it has been decided that burger night will need to be switched to Saturday evening so that I can make the bread rolls. There is no way I would be able to, or should I say be inclined to, get them done after work on a Friday.

Lovelies, thank you for dropping in for a little natter. I do so love this little blog and chit-chatting with you all. I can’t imagine my life without this little spot in the blogosphere. I look forward to seeing you back here soon. 

Blessings in Christ…


  1. I think they spray around here for flies so we are not overwhelmed by them (I could be wrong). I love living in the country for the silence. Cities are so noisy and they drain me. However, I do like the shopping available in a city!

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