Hello my lovelies! It’s been a little while but there has been so much going on in my neck of the woods! I have much to share about various things but for today it’s all about touches of autumn around my home.

I love this season so much and enjoy reflecting the beauty and coziness of the season in my home. I am pleased to say that I managed to get all my autumnal touches up on time this year. Last year if you remember we were living in one of my husbands hotels as we searched for a home. I usually decorate on the weekend closest to the autumnal equinox which just seems ‘right’. Last year it was just about November before the house got it’s autumnal home blessing treatment and it felt all wrong. Happily this year we were all back to normal.
As always, two pots of chrysanthemums and a couple of pumpkins give a warm welcome to whoever drops by. The colour of the pots I bought this year are just stunning! I think it’s my favourite so far…hope I find them again next year.
My daughter did a bit of a chalk art welcome board for me – in hindsight we agreed that the ‘F’ could have been a bit longer but hey-ho, I think it looks seasonally festive none the less. 

The dresser in the hallway looks lovely this season. Adorned with my favourite nature books and foliage there’s no mistaking the season or my love for it.
Tucked away in the autumn Dec’s box was the little acorn garland I knitted about 5 years ago. It really is so much fun re-discovering old favourites. I can’t remember where I found the pattern, could be Ravelry but I think I should make some more acorns, perhaps to sit in a little display bowl. 
I love this little candle stand. I have since filled it up and there are now three candles as there should be and of course there is a different page being displayed of my Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady book. There are so many lovely illustrations that the pages are changed weekly at least.
I love this little cottage print. It was gifted to me by a dear friend. It has scripture decoratively incorporated all through the sky above the cottage – absolutely my thing.
 My little autumn candle haul is on display although one of the candles was actually a gift for my above-mentioned friend. Still, part of the display was the perfect place for it until she popped by for a visit. The tapestry picture in the middle was the first piece of handwork I did after we arrived in the UK. We had to wait three months for our furniture to arrive in the UK and as any good needlewoman knows, it is impossible to wait that amount of time for your stash to arrive. So I bought a tapestry kit to keep me busy. It was my first attempt at tapestry. I haven’t done one since and I’m wondering why that is because I really did enjoy it. I think I just have too many other crafts that I like doing!

On the mantle I have a little bowl of stitched cushions that I have made over the years. I do love these little stitchery’s. All the patterns are freebies and can be found on my Embroidery and Cross Stitch Pinterest board.

 In the photograph above you can see that I have hung a little string of autumn bunting along the mantle. I have various strings of autumnal bunting strung around the house -I’m pretty sure that it’s mandatory in an English home 😉.

Finally, this is the little coffee table display. There are candles all over the place of course. Always a seasonally scented one (I have a salted caramel burning this week) and then lots of little tea lights and fairy lights to brighten up the shortening days.

Anyhoo lovelies, my apologies for having taken so long to post this little autumnal decor post. I would love to see what touches you have added to your own homes. Leave your IG handle or just a simple little comment and let me know how you have ‘hygge-ed’ your home this season.

Blessings in Christ

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