Hello lovelies! This post is all about seasonal bits and bobs and some lovely autumnal yarns so if you are a lover of yarns and all things knitty then stick around.
Autumn is happening! It’s everywhere, leaves are turning, there is a chill in the air and the days are noticeably shorter. If you follow me on Pinterest you will have seen that ‘autumn’ and general coziness is definitely on my mind at the moment. My lawn is already strewn with leaves, the ‘big-continual-leaf-pick-up’ has started! 

This weekend I paid a visit to my local garden centre to pick up two beautiful pots of ‘mums’ as I do every September. They flank my front door, a cheery welcome to all who come knocking. I adore the burnt orange flowers. In fact, I have a few skeins of yarn in my shop that I dyed up called ‘Pumpkin Pie’ that is fairly close in colour and reminds me of my chrysanth’s ever time I look at it.

This year, in the hopes of prolonging the flowering of my mums, I have decided to snip blooms regularly and bring in little posies to decorate my home before I put up all my autumn decorations in a few weeks time.

As you might know, if you have read my blog for any length of time, my eldest daughter is at art college, she is so creative and I love seeing what she comes up with. Every so often, when she has time, she makes some of the cutest little stitch markers for my Etsy Shop. She made this adorable little autumn inspired set

and one set of the very popular cinnamon swirl buns

Aren’t they just so cute?! I love the icing and texture of the pastry, they really do look good enough to eat 😋.

And if you are looking for some lovely autumnal yarn squishiness have a look at some of these OOAK’s (one of a kind so when they’re gone they’re gone!) that came out of the dye pots last week…

Apple Orchard – every possible apple colour in one skein! I can just imagine it knit up into a pair of cosy socks.

Woodland Glow – Oh so pretty! If you visit the listings you will see that each yarn has a little story behind the inspiration. This one brings to mind a walk I went on around this time last year. The sky was blue and the leaves of the woodland all turning burnt orange, yellow and reds. 

Then we have the autumnal plums and blackberry purples. This yarn above is called ‘Blackberry Brambles’. I was inspired by the stains that are evident on your hands when you go blackberrying.

And what about this lovely ‘Elderberry Punch’

Oh my…it’s so hard to let all these lovelies go, but seriously, I couldn’t knit long enough to use up all this squishiness 😆.

What seasonal observances are you seeing at the moment? Do you find that the cooler weather and shorter days wake the urge inside to create?

Blessings to you all today…


  1. Shirley,

    Such beautiful yarns! Makes me want to get my dye pot out…you are doing a wonderful job with your dye pots and yarns.
    As far as seasonal observations and enjoyments, cooler weather always welcomed. We hear leaf blowers quite often, and honestly I never loose the urge to create.

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