Hello, my lovely friends! It is so lovely to be back here talking to you. Have you noticed that over the summer blogs seem to slow down a little as we all busy ourselves spending as much time outdoors enjoying the warm weather before winter keeps us tucked up in our cozy homes?

We are only a hop, skip and a jump away from autumn – isn’t that just wonderful? I love autumn so much. The cooler temperatures, wood fires, the trees putting on their autumn cloak of splendar. The whole earth just sings!

This week temperatures have dropped quite a bit. I’m sure that things will heat up again before true autumn temperatures truly set in but it was rather nice to be able to light the woodstove for the very first time – our very own woodstove in our very own house – no, the novelty of being in our own home has not worn off yet!

First woodfire of the season

In this first week of September, I happen to have the week off work which is actually quite good timing! The first of September is the meteorological start of autumn so I’m going to be marking the start of the season by pottering about my home and adding seasonal touches to my home.

Each year I try to do something a bit different so that it keeps our autumn decor fun and fresh. Alongside my crafted autumnal pieces, I like to look to nature for inspiration. This ensures that autumn in our home is not only natural but frugal too. In this post, I’m going to look back at things that I have done in the past, and hopefully, it will give you some quick and easy autumn decor ideas for your own homes.

Frugal Autumn Decorating Ideas From Nature

The natural world around us offers up so many wonderful things that we can utilize and display in our homes – bringing the outside in.


Gathering the fallen leaves to craft some decor pieces is something that I’ve done a few times. Two of my favourite crafts with autumn leaves have to be the autumn wreath…

How to Make It: You will need a wire coathanger and a whole lot of fallen leaves. Untwist the hanger and form a circle with it. Thread the leaves onto the wreath hanger until it is full. I found that I ran out of leaves so filled the gaps by wiring on a couple of cones.

Beeswax leaf bunting

Dipping leaves in beeswax is such a lovely autumn craft to do. The beeswax smells heavenly and it preserves the leaves colours all the way through autumn.

How to make it: Place beeswax bars or pellets in a bowl over a pot of water (double boiler method). Melt the beeswax then dip each leaf in the wax and allow to dry on wax paper. Bunch the leaves in little bouquets and then tie onto some twine to create a garland.

Leaf window Decoration

Seeds, Berries, Bark and Acorns

Gathering natures bounty and displaying it in various ways always adds a touch of class to your autumn decor. One year I displayed my gatherings on long wooden platters with candles.

I have also displayed my treasures in glass jars along windowsills. What about using a wooden printers tray? There are so many ways to display your gatherings.

Frugal Autumn Decorating Ideas Stitched, Knitted and Sewn

Each year – time and inspiration permitting – I use a free chart that I source on Pinterest and stitch a design that I sew into a little cushion. I display these cushions each year in various ways. Last year I used that wooden platter to display them with fairy lights and pine cones.

Bunting – my home is never without it no matter the season. It is quaintessentially English and simply makes any and every event. With all the wonderful autumnal prints you are sure to find something adorable to sew up a beautiful string for your home.

This little string of knitted acorns was a delight to make and I take great joy in hanging them up in just the right place each year. Crafting an autumn decor piece each year will add to and keep you in autum decor for many years to come.

By Sun and Candlelight

As the days shorten, candles lit at twilight bring a warmth and coziness into your home. I always have an autumnal scented candle on the go and have a lovely little collection ready for this autumn ranging from Pumpkin Spice to Salted Caramel. My favourite candles for scent are Yankee or the DW Home candles you can get at TK Max. Nothing else seems to be as fragrant as these two brands.

Apart from scented candles I make sure that I have plenty of candles displayed in creative ways around the home. I love combining other seasonal elements with candles such as popcorn, acorns or chestnuts.

Free Printables and Books

Pinterest has the most wonderful free autumnal printables. I bought a couple of cheap frames from The Range and printed off some of my favorites to display around the house.

Another great decor staple in my home has to be books. I love to use the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady throughout the year. I also use the Brambly Hedge books for each season.

Well my lovelies, I hope that this post has given you some ideas for your own autumnal decor. Will you be decorating this week or are you going to wait until the equinox? Do you have any ideas to share some of your favorite decor tips? I’d love to hear them. Please do leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. Until next time my friends, take care and God bless.

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  1. Grace

    These are wonderful ideas! I wish I could display autumn leaves in my home, but I’ve found that they trigger my allergies. Maybe the beeswax would prevent that. I also love the bunting and autumn cross-stitch ideas. Thank you for sharing!

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