I just wanted to pop in today to show you the cute little paperclips my daughter is busy with for our little Etsy shop.

I am reminded as I put this post together that learning is not just about academics and books. As a homeschooler we are able to follow learning experiences and dedicate time to these that perhaps they would not be able to do if in an ordinary school environment.

These little winter paperclips were listed today. The little mug of hot chocolate has such amazing detail. There is squirty cream, mini marshmallows and a candy-cane.

I have seen such progress in my daughters work since we started stocking the Etsy shop with her paperclips. Techniques have been developed and her creativity has been allowed to soar.

This set was made for a friend of mine. She had seen something similar and asked my daughter if she could make a set for her, and she did.

I really love this little set, again the attention to detail is amazing! She is currently working on two more sets that have been privately commissioned as well as one set for the shop. We are hoping to have that listed by the end of the week.

My daughter has learned how to deal with customers and commissions independently from me. She corresponds with them on what they are looking for and keeps them in the creative loop.

She has had to deal with one comeback and sort it out. She factors in her costs, postage and profit. She is realising how much work, time and effort it takes in maintaining a business, a valuable lesson – in fact lots of valuable lessons are being learnt while building and keeping her business.

I really love seeing my daughters little business grow and I love seeing how excited she gets when she makes a sale – what a great life learning experience 🙂


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