Well hello my lovely friends. Have you been loving the autumn display that nature is putting on? There is inspiration everywhere isn’t there? I’m a little sad that October is almost at an end but glad that the same cannot be said for the autumn season. There is still lots of seasonal goodness to squeeze out and I have a few things planned as I’m sure you do too.

Right now I am loving every day that goes by that I get to gaze at the beautiful tree that stands sentry over our garden. Every day seems to bring more golden/red hues and to my delight and probably my husbands horror, leaves float down from the branches, dancing on the breeze before nestling on the lawn. It is pure delight!

I honestly don’t know how anyone can get grumpy when autumn arrives. It is such a delightful time of year don’t you think? I’ve been on the hunt for pumpkin puree. Do you know how difficult it is to find in the grocery stores? I’ve resorted to ordering off Amazon. Why? Well, a few weeks ago I opened my last tin of pumpkin puree that had managed to find last year and made the most scrummy Nutella and Pumpkin loaf. It was such a hit that just giving up on finding pumpkin puree is not an option! Now I have of course used cooked my own pumpkin and used that in baking in the past but it always seems a bit watery – perhaps I have not yet mastered the art of cooking pumpkin that’s not too mushy. I will definitely share the recipe here – no autumn home should be without this seasonal bake!

On the crafty side of things, I have been inspired by the season of course! I have sewn up some really cute little seasonal project bags. Spiders have certainly been making their presence known as they usually do in the autumn. I can’t say they are generally welcome in my home although the little spiders on my project bags are the exception. There are not many of these sweet little creepy-crawlies left so do hop on over to my Etsy store if you fancy getting your hands on one. Did I mention that all purchases from my Etsy shop in October are accompanied by a little treat? No tricks…I promise.

Of course, the dye pots have been simmering with some lovely seasonal colourways. I’ve re-vamped the lovely “Bracken Woodlands” colourway. A more saturated orange and lots more speckle. I just love it!

I’ve dyed this lot on a bronze sparkle base. It feels rather festive and I think it will knit up beautifully!

I actually knitted up a pair of socks in the “Bracken Woodland” colourway and I just loved how they turned out. It really is a very pretty colour and I think it is going to look even better in the bolder more speckled version.

Oh my! all these oranges in this post! It’s only when I started curating this post that I realized that this month has absolutely celebrated the season and I am excited to celebrate a little more. Its really rather nice to have something other than the worlds problems to focus on isn’t it. I’m reminded to keep my eyes on Christ through all this rather than on the news which is really too much at the moment.

I know that many people took up a new hobby whilst in lockdown. We all know how important crafting can be to our mental well-being and I can’t help thinking that now may be all the more reason to keep hands busy while the world seems to be all a bit higgledy-piggledy. Apart from knitting I have a few projects that I’ve been dying do. It entails a little embroidery and sewing. Do you have any new crafting projects planned? What about Christmas? Have you decided to make any gifts this year? I think that I will be doing more crafting for Christmas this year. I have few things that I’ve been pinning on my Pinterest boards, in fact I’ve got things pinned from years ago that I still have not got round to making so I think this year is as good as any to do them. I’ve been slowly gathering the materials and my ‘stock’ is looking rather healthy. But I think that may be another post…

Do keep safe and well my dear friends. Most of all stay positive and look to the future with hope – no season lasts forever.

Blessings to you all.


    1. I’m always a little sad when autumn begins to reach its end – it’s such a fleeting season! Sadly we are not always guaranteed snow as you are. Each winter I am hopeful that we will have a few days but last winter we didn’t get any!

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