Well here we are, it’s officially autumn and I spent a bit of time yesterday decking out my home. Yip, the autumn wreath is adorning the front door, pots of ‘mums’ and other autumn flowering plants are all in place – although the mums are not in flower yet – and the autumn scented candles are out and ready to be lit. Not every autumnal touch is in place but I will share a house tour when it is.

Today I thought I’d share a little gardening post. DH and I are really enjoying gardening again and we have so many plans to build a wonderful garden over the coming years. Of course, we would love to do it all at once but that is neither practical nor affordable, besides, the best gardens are grown slowly with love.

We have a gravel staging area in our garden – which we were going to get rid of but my grandmother things we should keep it. She is a superb gardener and I trust her advice so I think it’s going to stick around. Right now we have pots full of autumn flowering plants. ‘Mum’s’, cyclamen, pansies, and solanums. The hedgehog hotel has got a bed of comfy leaves for whoever decides to occupy the space.

This weekend we went to the garden center and bought the first lot of spring bulbs. We bought a huge back of daffodils – a lovely mix and planted them in the front bed and throughout the garden. I can wait to see what they will look like around Easter time.

I also bought two bags of tulip mixes which were potted up to flank either side of the little shed.

We decided to include some ‘snakes head frittilary’ after seeing them at a National Trust property in the spring of 2019. They are so pretty so they have been planted in little clumps in the shady bed.

Of course, I simply had to have some snowdrops as they are the earliest flowering spring bulbs and by the time end of January comes I find that I need something to cheer up the long winter days. These were planted in a raised bed at the back of the garden which is visible from the kitchen and conservatory. We have the snowdrops in there, clumps of daffodils, and I plan on filling it up with various hellebores the moment they become available in the garden centers.

pots of daffodils and tulips

I was reading my copy of Alan Titchmarsh’s “The Gardner’s Year” and read that in September you should buy and plant up your Christmas bulbs – Amaryllis and Hyacinths. I have some lovely containers for this so I plan on popping to the garden center to see what is available. In the past, I have planted too late and they never flower in time for Christmas. But this year I am feeling very organized!

Another little gardening job that I got round to was cleaning and restocking the birdfeeder. It’s been pretty much ignored all summer for obvious reasons but I think it’s time to put out a few tasty tidbits to begin encouraging the birds back into the garden. Unfortunatly we have a few squirrals that live in the trees behind our house and they visit each morning too. They are very sweet to watch but I’m predicting that my bird food budget will more than likely increase this year!

Well, my friends, that’s it for the first entry into the Autumn garden diary. There’s so much more to enjoy and observe in the coming months. For a start, I can’t wait to see my Virginia Creepers begin turning their flame red colour and to watch the trees behind our house swap their green for gold. Right now I’m off to finish of a lovely roast lamb for my family’s supper tonight.

Blessings to you all…

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