I’ve been back at work albeit working from home for just over a month now. I wont lie, the first few weeks were really tough and I definantly shed a few tears. The world seems to be an emotional place right now.

Thankfully things have settled and things are ticking along nicely. I’ve even managed to get some dying done during my working week. I soak the yarn overnight then get some dyeing in before I start work at 9 am. Lunchtime is usually enough time to grab a bite to eat and rinse and hang up the yarn. Of course, I would far rather be dyeing yarn full time but it’s just not the right time to take that leap. There’s too much uncertainty in the world right now but we strive towards the dream!

There’s a shortage of my usual yarn bases from my suppliers at the moment due to a lag in production earlier on in the COVID crisis but fortunately I have a healthy stock of some pretty sparkle yarn which I love to keep and release through the autumn and Christmas seasons. The added stellina sparkle adds that little bit of extra joy and it does not compromise the lovely soft squishiness of the yarn.

This little lot is what came out of the dye pots this week. I dyed up some more ‘Miss Potters Paintbox’ which looks lovley with the bits of glitter shining through This batch came out slightly more pigmented than the last lot. I love that about hand-dyed yarn, each dye batch is unique.

Now you may or may not know that my yarns are all inspired by our life here in Britain and our homeschooling experiences and I thought that it may be fun to do a couple of posts sharing the inspiration behind some of my most popular yarns. There’s a story behind each one, a moment in our lives that struck a chord. It was a moment that I didn’t want to forget and wanted to cherish. You will know from following my homeschooling blog that I take great joy, indeed I crave, the simple things in life. Each day offers moments that invite you to pause and just drink it in, savoring that little bit of peace and joy.

I homeschooled my daughters all the way through school and one of our favorite subjects was nature study. Every Friday we would take a nature walk and then work in our nature journals, painting something that we had found. My eldest daughter is now studying illustration at university as a result of the love borne in her for botanical illustration from our homeschooling days. Anyhoo, I digress, Beatrix Potter and the Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady have been huge inspirations for us in this area.

The lovely intro to the Beatrix Potter stories made for television sparked the inspiration behind this yarn. I wanted to capture what her watercolour paintbox must have looked like as she packed her supplies hurriedly as the showers began. Colours running into each other, blending and creating a soft rainbow of color. Take a moment to enjoy this little snippet, the music, the Cumbrian countryside, and of course a time that was simpler and slower…

Isn’t it just lovely? Don’t you wish that you could be right there with Beatrix Potter sitting quietly in the countryside with only nature surrounding you painting quietly? That is what I was hoping to capture when I dyed this colourway and everytime I see it bubbling in the pan I can see the watercolours swirling together, mixing and forming new colours.

So there you have it. When you buy a skein of yarn from my Etsy Shop it’s not just a skein of yarn, there’s a story – a bit of our story – and a precious memory that is infused in every skein.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little background glimpse into my colourways and of course the delightful video. I’m busy working on August’s newsletter which should be out this week so look out for that in your email boxes if you are a subscriber. If you would like to receive my newsletter but are not a subscriber please do sign up for my newsletter below. Until next time dear friends…

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    1. Candis

      I enjoyed reading about the inspiration for your yarn colors, and yes, I would love to sit quietly in the countryside with Beatrix Potter.

      The colors of your yarns are just beautiful, and this may sound silly, but just looking at them is relaxing to me. I love all the pictures, and I agree with Karen, your drawings are delightful.

      I also love the simple things, and that is one of the reasons I enjoy your writing. I look forward to reading about all you do as a homemaker, and the crafts you enjoy, and I love when you write about things the Lord is showing you.

      Thank you Shirley Ann for sharing your thoughts along with the things you love. May the Lord bless you!

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