Hello Lovelies, I’m so excited to share my new blogging home with you. If you visited my old home on Blogspot and found yourself magically transported through a wormhole and landed here with a bump, it’s because I didn’t want to lose my dear old friends who have been visiting me for years. I’ve put a little coding into my old blog so that you can keep on visiting me even if you type in my old blog address.

I hope you spend a little time having a look around the new digs. It’s not perfect; boxes still to unpack and quite a few things to tidy up but as always, I am so happy to see you here so why not pull up a box, grab a cuppa and let’s have a little catch-up.

You will find that all the old posts are still here, in fact, they have been neatly organised and so much easier to access. All you need to do is click on the category that is relevant to what you want to read (Homeschooling, Healthy Living, Homemaking etc) and you will have access to years of posts at your fingertips.

Now why the new home? Well, Under An English Sky is getting a bit of a make-over. Still the same focus on faith, family and home but better. Less of a focus on homeschooling because…well as you know, we have finished that season. For a while, I wondered if anyone would still want to read my blog now that our homeschooling years are over. But I have come to realise that I still have much more to share and enjoy with you outside of homeschooling. New directions, new things to talk about…life continues.

Please Stay Connected!

If you would like to stay connected please would you take a few seconds to sign up using the subscribe form at the end of this post? Don’t forget to follow on Facebook too for additional little snippets and shares.

You will notice small changes for a while. It’s like hanging family photographs on the walls after a house move. Tweaking, faffing and generally pottering about making small improvements to make it ‘home’. Please do let me know if there is something you would like to see here. Any topics you would like to see more/less of etc. All suggestions are welcome.

I think that brings this little housekeeping post to an end. Please do feel free to wander about, take a look into any room you wish, after all, we are old friends.

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