How is everyone this week? All safe and healthy I hope.

Well, here in the UK our lockdown has been extended by another 3 weeks. What do you do when you have so much time on your hands? Well…I dye yarn of course.

I’ve had quite a bit of inspiration for the Brambly Hedge Books and seeing the earth beginning to spring to life again. It’s been fun trying out new colours and seeing what emerges from the pot.

Most of the time I get the result I’m looking for but every-so-often I’m not happy and end up over-dying my ‘failures’. Often these turn out to be really interesting but are almost always one-of-a-kind skeins.
This one below, ‘Elderberry Tea at Crabapple Cottage’ is a complete one-off. I managed to dye three skeins and I love how it turned out, so soft and mellow, but it was the result of two or three leftover dyes from one colourway that I didn’t want to throw out. So I popped it all into a pot and threw in some yarn and loved the base colour it gave.

There is no way I will be able to replicate it so it will be one of those unique skeins that won’t be repeated. Such a pity!
‘Tiptoe Through the Bluebells’ was one of the very first colourways that I dyed up back in 2015. 


My dye technique has improved dramatically over the years so I like to think so has this colourway. I have not had it in the shop for more than a year now so it was fun to dye it up. One has already sold so only one left.

‘Fireside’ is another one that I haven’t had in my shop for more than a year. I really love dying this one up. It always comes out slightly different due to the dye technique I use. The swirling, blending reds and oranges remind me of a crackling fire in wintertime.

‘Miss Potters Paintbox’ has to be one of my most popular colorways. It’s dreamy colours run together just like those of a watercolour paintbox. Two skeins were added to the shop this week. 
I’ve dyed up all my sock yarn. I have some DK weight superwash merino and 100% highland wool which I’m so looking forward to dying up. I think that it would knit up into some fabulous hats and mittens for the winter. I’m thinking that colours inspired by the Scottish Highlands would work well. I do so love the highlands – has to be my favourite spot on earth!
I’m really looking forward to having a cup of coffee in my favourite coffee shop and doing a bit of people watching once this pandemic is over! Stay safe and well until next time…

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