Hello my lovely blog friends! How are you? I hope that you are keeping, well, happy and safe.

I thought that I would pop in and get your opinion on something – you see I want to know if you are enjoying visiting me here on this new platform or if you actually preferred the original blog over on the Blogspot platform. Not only would I like to know your preference but also why you prefer one over the other. Is there something missing on the new platform? Is there something that you loved over at our original Diggs that you would like to see here?

What topics are you hoping to read about? Home, decor, planning, gardening, crafting, faith? I want us to be able to have a good old natter over a cuppa enjoying each other’s company and bonding over those interests that unite us across the miles.

Do you prefer to engage right here or are you a social media butterfly and love dipping your wings into Instagram or Facebook?

I’d love your thoughts, your opinions. I realise that my blog has transitioned over the past few years but are you still wanting homeschooling type posts? What kind of things are you wanting to know more about?

Now I know this takes time to respond and that we all have busy lives so I thought I’d make it fun.

For your comments and thoughts which you can leave here on the blog or on my Facebook page, your name will be entered into a draw

Give Away Time!

I have TWO great prizes so two names will be chosen using a random number picker. One person will win a bee project bag, matching DPN needle cozy and a skein of natural hand-dyed dandelion yarn, and another will win the spooky set below.

If you want the opportunity to have your name entered twice then subscribe to my blog to recieve regular post updates and the occasional newsletter – I’m a law student which means loads of exciting reading on case law and statutes so I can’t always gaurantee a regular newsletter offering! Any new subsribers from todays date will be entered into the give-away.

This giveaway is open to all my readers whether you live here in the UK, down under in OZ or across the pond in the USA. The giveaway closes at 18h00 BST on Sunday. It’s a short and sharp one – I want to get the prizes off next week so that the winners can enjoy a little pre-Christmas treat. I will announce the winners on Facebook so if you do not follow my there please do so.

That about wraps up this post – I’m so looking forward to reading your comments and getting a better idea of what you want to be reading. Feel free to compare Under An English Sky’s new home to my orignal blogging home. There may be things that you preferred from that time and space and I’d truly like to know.

Blessings to you all, have a great weekend and I look forward to announcing the winners on Sunday evening!


  1. Sarah

    Hi Shirley
    I visit your blogs on the new platform which I prefer as I like that each blog can be selected from the top instead of scrolling down if you’re looking for something specific (but your old blog was great too!). I dip into Facebook occasionally but am more active on Instagram but follow your blog through your newsletter. You are such an inspiration and there’s always lots of variety in your topics which means there’s something for everyone. I do also love to see you knitting projects on your podcasts. Just keep doing what you already do xx
    Sarah x

  2. Nicole

    I already subscribe to your blog. I love all your posts…travel, decorating, yarn, family, gardening , etc… I used to love your homeschool post, but no longer need them. We have passed that time in our lives.

    What else…🤔 I see you on Instagram, Facebook, and of course your blog posts. Both of your blog sites work for me, so choose the one that is easier for you!

    Thank you for keeping the blog going!

  3. Elaine Pieters

    Good morning Shirley Ann

    I enjoy the format of this blog post, and feel as though I am visiting with you in your home and garden.

    I don’t engage on Facebook and deleted my account more than a year ago.

    Thank you for your input and engage.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond Elaine, I was happy to read that you feel that you are visiting with me in my home because that is exactly what I hope that my blog would be. A place where we can meet together and have a little chat 🙂

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