Welcome to Under An English Sky Yarns
Welcome to Under An English Sky Yarns
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About Us

Welcome to Under An English Sky Yarns, where you will find beautifuly hand dyed yarns, original designs and so much more. Our ethos is to strive to live a simple, seasonally relevant and authenticly creative life.
Having immigrated to the UK from Cape Town, South Africa in 2011, I was captivated by Englands ancient traditions, folklore, beautiful villages & countryside and rich literary history and it is these things that inspire my yarns.
I love observing the changing seasons in nature and my heart has always been in creating a warm and inviting homespun home where family and friends are treasured. Every home and family has a story woven into the fabric of everyday living and each of my yarns have their own unique story and inspiration. 
I homeschooled my children all the way through from birth to graduation. I started dyeing yarn 2016 during last few years of our homeschooling. Six years later my daughters are both about to graduate from university and my small cottage industry has continued to grow and my yarn is shipped to talented knitters like yourself all over the world.
This year (2022) I will be showcasing at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show which is terribly exciting. I finally get to meet all you lovely yarny folk in person!
If you have any questions then please use the contact form to get in touch or follow my on Instagram @underan_englishsky