Inspired by the English countryside, culture and traditions, my yarns are all hand dyed by me in the Cheshire Countryside. Each yarn has an inspirational story. Visit my shop to read more on each yarn colourway.

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Under An English Sky Has New Digs!
Hello Lovelies, I'm so excited to share my new blogging home with you. If you visited my old home on Blogspot and found yourself magically transported through a wormhole and landed here with a bump, it's because I didn't want to lose my dear old friends who have been visiting me for years. I've put a little coding...
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Under An English Sky Yarns
Do you know, I have found this transition from homeschooling to trying to figure out what my new purpose so difficult. I am pretty sure that it is a problem that most mums who have wrapped up their homeschooling have to navigate. As you know I started a degree last year and really enjoyed learning about the law....
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Autumn Bliss
Hello my lovelies! It's been a little while but there has been so much going on in my neck of the woods! I have much to share about various things but for today it's all about touches of autumn around my home. I love this season so much and enjoy reflecting the beauty and coziness of the season...
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Garden Tales
Its taken months of procrastinating and hard work over the weekends, but we have finally done it. We have turned an over-grown weedy patch outside our bedroom window into the beginnings of a garden. Its been a project in the pipelines since spring in fact, that is precisely when we bought the grass seed that we planned on sowing....
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September Catchup
This weekend is the official start of autumn...Yay! I've been planning my autumn decorating and will be enjoying a pleasant few hours decorating for the season. My front door entrance is looking rather faded and washed out so it's the perfect time for a refresh. The girls and I have been gathering autumn decor supplies from the fields...
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Happy Days!
Hello my friends. This week has been such a happy week for me for a few reasons. First...this time last year we were packing up our home in Devon and moving back north! I can't believe that we have been back here for a whole year. The moment we left Devon I felt a lightness, that horrible claustrophobic...
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At Home in the Country
Aaah, country living - I truly love it. The only downside to living on a farm is the flies! Oh-my-gosh...they are horrendous in summer. I haven't had to live with fly problems since South Africa. But this summer, especially on hot days like we have had over the weekend, they are everywhere. They poop everywhere...little black dots all...
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What Curriculum Do I Need for the American SAT Exam?
This is a question that seems to crop up a lot. In the UK when you take IGCSE's and A-Levels, you would check what exam board your nearest exam centre uses, you would then buy the Edexcel/Cambridge/AQA etc course for English/Maths/Fill-in-your-subject. Right? The American system is different. That is not how it works and actually...therein lies the beauty...
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